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Raise your glass to celebrate the beautiful world of cognacs.

A celebration of one of the finest spirits around today, World Cognac Day 2021 (on June 4), is upon us! Produced in France, the drink takes its name from the town from which it was first created.

The story for Cognac started back in the 16th Century when Dutch settlers came to France in the name of salt, wood, and wine. Having found only some of what they came for, they left an incredible legacy that we now call Cognac. The spirit is made under strict guidelines that state only grapes grown in the Cognac region can be used. These are Ugni Blanc (95% of the current crop), Folle Blanche, and Colombard.

The process of making Cognac starts with the pressing of white grapes and receiving grape juice, followed by a 10-day fermentation period. The resulting white wine is highly acidic and very fruity with low alcohol content. The goal of the distillation is to select and concentrate the aroma and bouquet contained in the wine.

For making Cognac distillation occurs twice in copper stills before an essential slow aging process begins in which the aromas start to develop to give the drink its complex taste.

This World Cognac Day, find the perfect Cognac from these award-winning ones.


DROUET VSOP COGNAC won a total of 6 medals: Double Gold, Spirit Of The Year, Distillery Of The Year, Best Value Of The Year, Brandy Cognac Of The Year, and Brandy Cognac Producer Of The Year Award at the 2020 Bartender Spirits Awards. The brand is imported by Glass Revolution Imports in the USA.

Drouet has a mahogany color with copper hues. It has crisp apple, vanilla, brown spices, and cinnamon on the nose, with a gorgeous balance between the freshness of fruit and sweet-scented notes and a remarkably long finish with a great balance between bright acidity and sweetness.
It is beautifully matured to perfection with a Velvety texture. You can drink it on the rocks as an aperitif or nightcap.

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This cognac is a gold winner at the Bartenders Choice Award. It is amber-gold, has complex aromas of hazelnut, coffee cake, mocha, and dried orange peel, with underlying spices including ginger and a wonderful silkiness, showing exceptional balance with cedar, nutmeg, sweet brown spices, and slight mineral notes. This exceptional XO Cognac deserves to be savored slowly. Serve it in tulip glasses after a fine dinner, with dessert, or simply on its own. We recommend pairing the XO Ulysse with a duck breast glazed with honey and autumn vegetables.

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E&J VSOP Brandy

E&J VSOP Brandy, Source Facebook

Cognac barrel-aged to perfection, E&J VSOP earned the name of Grand Blue to commemorate its premium smooth finish and rich flavor. Crafted in the style of fine European brandies, both fans and critics can’t get enough of E&J VSOP. With a gold medal at USA Spirits Ratings 2020 (mention year), it has aromas of sweet brown spice and notes of vanilla cream, maple, and sherry.
It can be mixed to prepare various cocktails like E&J and Cola, Brandy Eggnog, and the Seersucker Gentleman.

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E&J Vanilla Brandy

E&J Vanilla Brandy, Source Facebook

Premium brandy meets refined vanilla flavor for an undeniably smooth drink. E&J Vanilla,a 90 point gold medallist at the USA Spirits Awards 2020, delivers a full-bodied taste with layers of natural butter and notes of caramel, dried apple, and toasted wood. Savor the rich flavor over ice or in a signature E&J cocktail.
Vanilla Root Beer and Vanilla Cola are some recommended cocktails.

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E&J XO Brandy

E&J XO Brandy, Source Facebook

Bold and seductively smooth, nothing complements the night quite like this USA Spirits Rating silver medallist cognac E&J XO. Charcoal-filtered to create the ultimate level of smoothness, each velvety sip comes with a hint of vanilla, creamy toffee, and brown sugar. It has a balanced sweet and toasted flavor. Some recommended cocktails are EJ Velvet, 209 Highball, and XO Starter.

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